cat purrday friday post: sleeping time

Hello furry friends.. Star here. I want to share with you some photos of me on my mum’s bed. I usually sleep here but sometimes i prefer sleeping on top of the stereo components together with mum’s other furries as you would see in this photo.

I just love it here on mum’s bed… so soft, so smooth and so sweet-smelling. I could sleep here the whole day.



I could even stretch out on here like this … ahh, it feels good!



Well, this photo is a bit blurred, sorry about that. You see, i was trying to play with my mum’s stylus dangling from her cellphone as she was taking this photo..



Here’s me so sound asleep now. Did you notice my pink nose?



Goodnight dear friends. Please visit me again on Friday.. kitty hugs to all.


14 thoughts on “cat purrday friday post: sleeping time

    • elizz says:

      Thanks jo.. red seems to be a good background for an all-white cat.. It’s quite difficult to photograph her because of her color and the only way in which she could stand out is to put her in a very vibrant background.. kitty hugs from Star 🙂

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