snack of the day: rice balls in coconut milk

It has been quite sometime since i posted something about cooking. Today, i’ll be sharing with you our snack of the day.

I spent my childhood days in the province and one of the most popular snacks would be rice balls in coconut milk. Back in those days, sticky rice grains would be finely ground by hand to make rice flour, adding some water to make it sticky enough to form into little balls. As children, we really enjoyed rolling the dough in our palms forming well.. not so perfect rice balls but it’s okay. Mature coconut would be grated by hand too. Hot water would then be added to grated coconut to wake it up, squeeze it to extract coconut milk. So tiring isn’t it?

Thankfully these days, rice balls also called tangyuan are now available in the supermarket and they come in a rainbow of different colors of pink, green and white. Coconut milk is readily available in cans or tetra packs and even in powder form too. No fuss and no worries that i could make this snack anytime. This is my daughter’s favorite snack.


rice balls in coconut milk

The ingredients are super simple.

1 pack of mini rice balls (as written in the package: do not defrost)
2 tetra packs of coconut milk
sugar to taste

For the procedure, just let the coconut milk boil for a while then add the rice balls and add sugar to taste. Don’t forget to stir it constantly to prevent the rice balls to stick together. It’s quite easy to know when the rice balls are cooked. If you see them rise up and all plumped up then it’s cooked. I usually reserve some coconut milk that i drizzle on top upon serving.

I love the chewy texture of the rice balls as complemented by the creaminess and the richness of the coconut milk.


rainbow rice ball


coconut milk

6 thoughts on “snack of the day: rice balls in coconut milk

  1. My Tropical Home says:

    Thanks for sharing this, easy to cook (and easy to eat from the looks of it) with just a few ingredients. Enjoy your weekend!

    • elizz says:

      hi mary, have an awesome weekend too and yes this snack or dessert is so easy to cook and i hope the rice ball pack is available in your area..

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