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In my About page, i’ve already introduced my adopted cat Tiger. I also featured him a lot of times in my Cat Purrday Friday Post together with Star, my odd-eyed kitty.

It has always been my wish to adopt a cat. So, i went to C.A.R.A. last October 31, 2012. Friends from C.A.R.A. immediately let us in and here are some of the photos i took of the cats that need forever homes. The place looks humble and simple and clean and their cages are clean too.


Tiger’s playmates


cats for adoption


sweet kitty


one of the adorable kitties

When we arrived there, the cats have just been put in their cages after their playtime. Me and my kids took time to bond with the kitties. The staff were gracious enough to introduce them to me and at the same time giving me a description of their traits. When i went there, i wanted a kitty who is about the same age as my Star. I’ve held and hugged a lot of kitties but Tiger stood out among all the kitties. He is the sweetest, he was so relaxed when i held him in my arms and around my shoulder and i really felt that Tiger is the one. I believe he’d chosen me as his new mum and i felt it in my heart.

I was so excited being with the kitties but felt sad too for hearing stories from the staff on how some of these furries had been abused by evil people. Each of these kitties have stories to tell and it’s heartbreaking.

While signing some papers, Tiger is being readied for adoption. One of the assistants cleaned his ears and cut his nails. Then they let me pose with Tiger so they could take a photo of us together for their record.

I’ve learned that Tiger is one of the 7 siblings that they found inside a sack and meowing from hunger and abandoned in the street. C.A.R.A. rescued them and had to bottle fed them since they were so tiny and needing milk to survive.

Here’s Tiger feeling so relaxed inside the car. Did you notice his tipped ear? Yes, he’s already spayed.



And here he is on his first day in the house feeling so comfy at the cat condo. I think he weighed less than 2 kilos then.



Here’s Tiger now, a big bundle of cuteness, weighing almost 5 kilos. He’s such a sweet and adorable boy.



I’m sure i made Tiger very happy and the feeling is mutual. I’m so happy too in adopting a rescue cat that needs a fur-ever home.

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20 thoughts on “tagged R: rescue

  1. niasunset says:

    Blessing your cat… My cat is also a rescue cat too. I wished to have all cats who need a home… Thank you dear, they were all so nice. Love, nia

  2. frizztext says:

    A wonderful story, Elizz! Our cat was found as a baby under a car in an Italian City – Padova. Now she is aged 11 and the proud owner of a large sized garden (with some nightly cat visitors). Of course inside the house she owns everything too…

    • elizz says:

      thank you frizz.. i love happy endings.. your cat emily is surely one lucky kitty.. i think cats really own the humans and the house..

  3. Inside the Mind of Isadora says:

    Sweet and loving story about your beautiful cat – Tiger. I think rescue cats are the best. They seem to know how fortunate they are to have been adpoted or rescued. I’m still mourning the loss of our beloved Marshmellow. There are days I want to go and adopt a new cat but then I remember how much I adored my fur son and can’t bring myself to go. You have taken me a step farther. Thank you.

    • elizz says:

      thank you for sharing the story of marshmellow.. when i went to CARA to adopt Tiger, i’ve known lots of very sad stories of evil acts that were done to some of the kitties and were so graphics too to be told.. so sad that it makes me want to cry.. the kitties almost always forget the torture that they’ve suffered and grow up to be very sweet cats but when the evil acts are done to older cats they don’t forget and it’s heartbreaking to look into their eyes when i was at the shelter.. poor cats, they are so aloof and so afraid which gives them slim chance of getting adopted.. i hope you’ll find it in your heart to adopt again.. i’m sure marshmellow would be happy to know that you’ll be saving 1 kitty life who needs a forever home…

    • elizz says:

      thank you.. and i love how Tiger transformed into a very handsome boy.. love him so much, he’s very sweet and he loves cuddles.

    • elizz says:

      thank you .. well even if you’re allergic to cats, it wouldn’t stop you for looking at cute kitty photos right? hope you’ll drop by in my blog again to see more cute photos of my furries.. thanks for visiting 🙂

  4. kz says:

    adorable. i love your adoption story and yes, im also happy that Tiger found your home. what happened to Tiger and the others sounds horrible but im glad that they got rescued in time 🙂

  5. My Tropical Home says:

    What a sweet story! All the cats we owned when I was younger were adopted “from the streets”. We can’t adopt any now because of my kids’ health issues. I miss having kitties in the home.

    • elizz says:

      growing up, we’re also surrounded with kitties adopted from the streets, when my children were born i laid low for a while and now that they are big and we already have our own home it’s time that i have kitties again.. my mother is still a cat lady and she has lots of adopted cats.. so whenever i go and visit her i make sure that i get to hug the adorable kitties.. they are so fun to watch.

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