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The Big Chill is more popularly known for it’s premium quality blended shakes made with 100% fresh-cut fruit. They also operate Manila’s first vegetarian quick-service restaurant called Cafeteria Verde and combined with Big Chill’s blended beverages, Cefeteria Verde becomes C’ Verde By Big Chill that offers a wide range of healthy meat-free meal options.

Their Nachos with Loaded Garden Salsa is my favorite. It is made from freshly cooked corn tortillas with tomatoes, onions, cilantro, olives, beans and cheese. I have to admit that it doesn’t look that appetizing when it was served but i got hooked on my first bite.


nachos with loaded garden salsa

It is good to know that there are restaurants now that offers healthy but affordable meals and snacks. My nachos only costs P79.00 (about $1.95 per serving).

On my next visit, i will sample their herb crusted Zucchini Sticks served with rich tomato sauce and Cauliflower Fritters which are battered and fried served with curry dip.

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6 thoughts on “tagged N: nachos

  1. Island Traveler says:

    That looks really yummy. I bet I will be hooked too once I get to taste it. My and my wife love Intenational foods. Lately we are into Salmon sashimi and shrimp tempura. Oh we had soft shell crabs yesterday which was heavenly.

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