weekly photo challenge: a day in my life

A typical day for me starts early. Waking up late makes my head ache. Breakfast, chores and more chores follow soon after and i don’t want to bore you talking about them.

Some free time gives me the chance to visit my garden and finding flower buds ready to bloom and some have opened up to reveal their sweet scent. Here are some of them, photos taken at different times of the day.

I had some cheese curls for snacks. I know it isn’t a healthy snack but got to give in to my cravings for now.


cheese curls

I also sliced a lemon to make a refreshing iced lemon water. Well, it’s different from a lemonade. I just put some slices of lemon in plain cold water, no sugar added please. Ahh, so good! They say that lemon in water has medicinal benefits as it helps in cleansing the body and aids in digestion.



I usually retire at 10pm and when i go up the stairs towards my room, it’s like i’m the Mother Hen with my girl Kristina, my princess Star, and my adorable handsome adopted kitty Tiger following me. They all sleep with me in the room. Kristina on my side, Star would be near my feet (sometimes on my pillow) and Tiger just stays at the hallway.

About 2am, i suddenly woke up finding 2 big eyes staring at me. It’s Star and she displaced my Shrek stuffed toy and found her in his place instead. Oh kitty, how did you manage to get there? Well, Star slept there all night long.


kitty Star

When i woke up this morning, i found Star here. She’s waiting for me to get up so she could have her breakfast. Oh, and i could hear Tiger meowing already and definitely hungry. Unlike Star, Tiger is more vocal. Almost always, kitty Star just communicates by just staring at me.


kitty Star

Oh well, time to feed the fur babies and make myself a cup of coffee.

A typical day for me starts early………

22 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: a day in my life

    • elizz says:

      hello princess cat.. i feel so happy that you dropped by.. kitty hugs (from Star).. oh by the way, i thought my mum is following your blog but hey, told her to click the follow button so i could always see yah.. well, indeed i had a nice day and this morning, mum picked up all the stuffed toys on the floor.. yah i displaced them all.. haha.

  1. basiga says:

    Love the lighting on the lemons, but more especially, kitty Star camouflaged with the stuffed animals. I’m impressed with your scented garden, because gardenias are a difficult flower for me to grow along with my all time favorite, peonies. They are very sensitive. Now I live under the redwoods making anything difficult to grow. Here’s how my day went. Come and meet my kitty Serengetti, well he is actually eight. http://blogagaini.wordpress.com/2013/04/04/weekly-photo-challenge-a-day-in-my-life/

    • elizz says:

      thank you for the link to your post and serengetti is gorgeous.. my gardenia actually came from cuttings from my mother’s own gardenia plant.. while hers aren’t giving her flowers, mine is blooming all year round which is a bit strange.. no special treatment for my plants, i just water them regularly and that’s it.. Star says Hi to Serengetti..

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