cee’s fun foto challenge: lines

Today’s temperature reading is a hot 30 degrees. In the days to come it’s going to go hotter than that.

Last weekend, it rained just a little, sort of just passing through and i managed to capture some photos of my garden as soon as the drizzle stopped. I’m dreaming of a cooler weather so here are my entries for this week’s theme.

It’s exciting and refreshing to see the lines formed by droplets of rain on leaves on a hot and humid day.


avocado tree


avocado tree

Oh by the way, it’s my avocado tree. It has grown so tall since the day we planted it. It’s almost reaching my terrace.

For more stories/photos with LINES as theme, visit Cee’s blog.

21 thoughts on “cee’s fun foto challenge: lines

  1. niasunset says:

    beautiful dear Elizz, I wish you nice and cool weekend 🙂 I don’t like summer days, spring is the best but I am afraid spring wouldn’t be here this year and we would find suddenly the hot summer days… Love, nia

    • elizz says:

      well, summer is fun if you’re planning for an outing to the beach, my favorite is during oct to jan when it’s cooler with some rain in-between..

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