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With so many pets, so many mouths to feed (3 dogs and 2 kitties), i’ve been buying different kinds and brands of kibbles. The 2 adult dogs eat the same brand, while the puppy (he is the newest addition to my ever growing family) a Shih Tzu is eating Royal Canin puppy kibbles specifically for Shih Tzu. The 2 kitties eat different brands too. My puspin (domestic short hair) kitty Tiger eats Whiskas while my kitty Star who is a Persian eats Royal Canin specifically for Persian cats. Oh my, keeping and storing these kibbles used to be a problem. So, i bought plastic containers for cereals and they make very good kibble keepers. Not only they are airtight but ant proof too.



During the photo shoot, kitty Star ate some of Tiger’s kibbles.





For storing in the fridge, i use the plastic lid of Fritos dip in can as a cover for the dog food in can. For the cat food in can, i made use of the lid of a chocolate spread and yes, it really fits perfectly.

I also feed my pets home-cooked meal. Vegetables like carrots, peas are added to ground meat which are mixed to kibbles to provide them with more nutritious food.

Some of you might be a little overwhelmed as to how i could manage to feed them all. But, training these lovely pets at an early age really helped a lot so they are quite behaved during feeding time.

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18 thoughts on “tagged K: kibbles

  1. munchow says:

    I imagine it’s quite a bit work to get it all right when you have so many animals. Great photos, and of course my favourite is the one with kitty Star eating tje kibbles.

    • elizz says:

      thank you otto.. it’s really a lot of work, but i’m glad that they are quite behaved so feeding them is not that hard.. that’s the price to pay for having a handful of pets.. no problem though, all these for the love of animals.. thanks for visiting πŸ™‚

    • elizz says:

      thank you gracie, it took a ton of my patience haha! just kidding.. but i guess consistence is the key, i feed them almost exactly the same time everyday.. except for some treats in-between..

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