sunday post: arrangement

For this challenge, i will make everyone hungry. Here are several dishes that we ordered in some of our favorite restaurants which are presented in a very neat and awesome plating.


seafood salad


grilled fish with veggies and rice


seafood salad


california and tuna maki

Food plating is very important whenever food is presented. It makes the food really more attractive and pretty.

I’ve read some tips on how to make a restaurant worthy of food plating at home. The three main elements of plating are the plate, the food and the arrangement of the food. You just need to use a bigger dinner plate so as not to make the food crowded. White or other neutral plate colors will make a good canvas just like art. Create a nice pile and make your plating clear and smudge-free.

One morning, my youngest son insisted that he’ll be the one to prepare our breakfast. The hotdogs, slices of ham and corned beef are all piled up on top of each other using a very small plate. His plating made me smile. Well, it really looked crowded but i gave him a score of 10 for the effort.



If you want to join in the Sunday Photo Challenge, head over to Jake’s blog to know more about it.

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