weekly travel theme: international women’s day

“This week’s travel theme is wide open for however you want to celebrate the woman or women in your life, or all women in general.”  Ailsa of wheresmybackpack.

This post is in honor of the two greatest women in my life.

My mother:


my mother


my mother

Today, even if my mother is old and gray now she’s still a big influence not only to us her children but to her grandchildren as well. She always tells her grandchildren the value of respect, love and kindness so they could all grow up to be better persons.

For her strength and guidance, i am giving her a bunch of green, purple and blue tulips. Green is the symbol of health and youth. Purple is for dignity and pride which represent achievement. Blue is for calmness and peace. I wish her good health, i admire her achievement for guiding us through our adulthood, and of course i want her to have peace of mind that we, all her children and grandchildren are all doing good.



My sister:


my sister

Isn’t she cute in the picture? I remember when it was taken because she’s the youngest and i’m the eldest among siblings. She was munching on an apple and even her cheeks have some apple bits. Anyway, my sister is my best friend. Of all the people in the world, she’s the one who really know me to bits. She always has an open mind and heart whenever i talk to her especially if dealing with some problems. She’s always been a great help whenever i needed help. I just adore her.

For her loving and caring qualities, i am giving her pink carnations. Pink carnations represent motherly or sisterly love. I want her to know that i love her so much and i miss her because she’s now based in Dubai.



9 thoughts on “weekly travel theme: international women’s day

  1. len says:

    thanks my dear sis. we both love our “nanay” (mother) who will always be the greatest woman for us. and you’re the most strongest woman who will never give up easily on somebody or anything that you love. very vocal but with a soft and big heart.
    i love you too and miss you more than you do. im lucky to have “ate” (sister) like you.

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