tagged G: good vibes

While at the coffee shop one morning, i’ve read an article on how to drive into the year of the snake with good vibes. These are:

  • turning on the stereo to drive away the negative energy especially if the car has not been used for a long time;
  • making the car free of clutter and trash as it blocks and stagnates the positive flow of life energy;
  • bringing drinking water in the car as it flushes out negative energy especially those created from electro-magnetic devices such as cellphones;
  • sprinkle some seasalt on the car floor as this could absorb the negative energy but be sure to vacuum it periodically to eliminate the stored negative energy in them;
  • keeping a symbol of protection within the car like a blue rhino which could be in the form of a keychain or hung from rear view mirror;
  • and keeping a small box of stones or dirt found in your own yard inside the car as this represents the Earth element and it’s very important to keep ourselves grounded as the car is constantly moving forward while travelling.

To keep up with the last item, i found this teeny-weeny jewelry box and then put some little stones that i got from my own garden and tied it with a red ribbon. It looks like a miniature Gift (another tagged G) and i think it looks so cute and pretty.


I love to drive listening to good music, i love my car spick-and-span, and i love to keep a bottle of water in handy inside the car. Whether we choose to believe the above or not, well some of those really makes sense.

Sending good vibes to all, always be safe and happy driving 🙂

13 thoughts on “tagged G: good vibes

  1. Gracie says:

    Nice post, Elizz. Some of these I already do (music and the water), but I never knew they could be significant 😉

    Nice idea of putting the stones on a box, very creative 🙂

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