a word a week photo challenge: garden

In the neatly landscaped garden of Greenbelt Ayala Center Makati stands the biggest Swatch watch. Its length is 24 feet and diameter is 3.5 feet. It was designed by Jaime Zobel de Ayala as a tribute to President Cory Aquino.

swatch watch

plaque of dedication

What exciting garden finds did you see today? Share them now and visit Sue’s blog to know more about A Word A Week Photo Challenge and to view other entries as well. Happy Tuesday to all!


8 thoughts on “a word a week photo challenge: garden

      • elizz says:

        yes, there’s a chapel there and a lagoon.. about 20years ago (oops! am i giving away my age haha), it used to be just a park with an aviary.. and we often go there since my office is located just near the place.. now, it’s very modern with lots of restaurants,boutiques, malls all inter-connected with one another..

      • Yen-Yen's_Passions :) says:

        lol hehehehe.:) Wow, I should visit there again, as the last one we’re just running errands, coz it’s about 7pm already when we get the area, and the chapel is about to closed if I recalled correct.

        I’ll be in P.I maybe before or on April hopefully, so I can attend my best friends wedding.:)

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