tagged F: Is my Feathered Visitor a Flowerpecker?

This morning, i was attracted to an unfamiliar tweeting sounds from my garden. Looking up the tree, i was so excited seeing a beautiful bird, yellow and orange bellied with brownish to grayish feathers and tail. It’s the first time i’ve seen this bird in my garden. I googled lots of photos of Philippine birds to identify my feathered visitor and i think it is a Flowerpecker like this photo i’ve seen from a website. I’m sure some of you are fond of birdwatching too and maybe could help me to positively identify this bird.







Lacking zoom lens, i just cropped the photos and did some photo editing just to highlight the colors of my feathered visitor.

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4 thoughts on “tagged F: Is my Feathered Visitor a Flowerpecker?

    • elizz says:

      according to wiki, they are mostly found in Asia, India and south Australia.. well me too, i’ve only encountered the name through my search in the net while trying to identify my feathered visitor.

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