photo of the day: a leaf

This morning, i walked around my garden hoping to find some good images to capture. I’ve taken photos of some flowers, leaves, roots, and even spider’s web.

This is the photo i want to feature today. Although i like the original looks of the image, I decided to play around with the photo editor and i think i’ve got the best result (my humble opinion). With just my beginner’s luck,  i’ve captured some good bokeh in the background that made the photo more interesting.

(photo taken by Canon EOS and edited using FotoFlexer lomoish effects)

edited photo

original photo

Which one do you like best?

6 thoughts on “photo of the day: a leaf

    • elizz says:

      thank you for your comment.. photo editing is fun isn’t it? altho the photo has taken some bit of adjustments with regard to effects and colors, i believe that its just like putting on make-up to enhance the beauty

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