travel theme: new

Posting a photo a day is something NEW to me and a new challenge for 2013.

I need to warn you though that i am not a good photographer but i will try my best to post good if not better photos. Oh dear me, can i really do this on a daily basis? Wish me luck! Thank you Alastair for your motivation 🙂

What a better way to practice taking photos but right in my own backyard.

My PHOTO OF THE DAY: pretty little flowers.



What does NEW means to you? Visit Ailsa’s blog wheresmybackpack to know more about the Weekly Travel Theme.

Now thinking of what to post tomorrow..

It’s the third day of the year and i hope everyone is really having a good start.

14 thoughts on “travel theme: new

    • starlight says:

      thank you.. the flowers look more like lilac-colored ones on my browser.. it’s quite strange that it appeared blue on yours? anyway, thanks for dropping by and thank you for your comment.. i really appreciate that 🙂

  1. Yen-Yens-Passions says:

    My Teacher in my Landscaping photography told me that photography takes time but at the same time we should have fun taking the subject as well. Which is the key of having a good output of the shot! Take photos as many as we can so we can learn the reason of “WHY?”.:)

    I Love those flower shot you have there dear cheers to us,


    • elizz says:

      thank you yenyen.. and your teacher is right, learning photography takes time and patience.. but the nicest thing about it is that it’s a fun hobby..

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