fun foto challenge: lines

The red and while lines of the canopies of the Christkindlmarket stalls:

Christkindlmarket in Manila

Christkindlmarket in Manila

Christkindlmarket in Manila

For the first time in the Philippines, the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines organized the first Christkindlmarket in Manila. Christmas items such as pastries, sweets, holiday meats, Gluhwein (hot wine) and decorations can be bought from various stalls. Products from Germany France, England, Spain, Italy and other European countries will be showcased in the event. The Christkindlmarket was set up at the ice skating rink to make the visitors and the shoppers feel the coolness of winter and to replicate the original event.

Do you want to see more of the entries for this week’s Fun Foto Challenge by Cee? Visit Cee’s blog to know more about it and it would be nice if you’ll post your entry as well and join the fun.

17 thoughts on “fun foto challenge: lines

    • starlight says:

      it’s a good thing we have it now but nothing compared to the coolness of the weather out there 🙂 because ours is artificial. anyway, the important thing is that everyone seems to be having a great time shopping around 🙂

      • bebs1 says:

        I thought the earlier Kriskindle Markets here were better. In the beginning most of the vendors really came from Germany but with the economy going down, each year there are less vendors flying in for the occasion. Some stalls cell wool knits from Peru.

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