P is for passion flower

Today, i decided to participate in MY PERSONAL A TO Z CHALLENGE and this would be my very first entry. So, here goes.

I began experimenting with different settings on my Canon EOS camera the other day and tried to photograph a close up view of a flower. Being a newbie, i guess it’s more of the trial and error thing until i get the best results. I did not look far for a subject and just picked a red passion flower right out of my garden and took a lot of shots. Oh yes, my red passion plant is super blooming right now so i have a lot of these flowers hanging brightly on the arch of my driveway.

Here are the photos. By the way, no editing is done on these photos.





Visit MY A TO Z CHALLENGE by Julie to know more about the challenge and to view other wonderful entries. The nicest thing about joining the challenge is that you don’t have to start with letter A.

9 thoughts on “P is for passion flower

    • starlight says:

      thank you 🙂 this plant grows and spreads quickly so it needs constant cutting if you don’t want them to take over the whole fence, but no problem though, i love its vibrant colored flowers.. thanks for dropping by 🙂

    • starlight says:

      Christmas is just around the corner and as they say, the Philippines has the merriest celebration.. But i’m sure you’ll be happy there too because you are celebrating it together with your wife and son.. happy holidays my dear friend.

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