a word a week photo challenge: celebration

Celebration of Love:

Hubby and i once celebrated our anniversary while visiting the Namsan Tower in Seoul South Korea. It was the most unique way of celebrating it. We wrote our pledge of love to one another on two Love Locks and locked it both together forever at the tower… it’s our celebration of love. The next time we visit Seoul, we will surely be back at the tower to look for it.

our love locks

What does celebration mean to you? What is your most memorable celebration?

To view more entries about Celebration and to know more about the A WORD A WEEK PHOTOGRAPH CHALLENGE, visit suellewellyn. It would be fun if you would also share your interpretation of this week’s theme.

10 thoughts on “a word a week photo challenge: celebration

    • starlight says:

      i was thinking about that too.. i think they are removing some of the locks at the namsan tower because the weight will surely put a lot of tension and pressure to the railings.. yes, it is a very romantic idea and each of the locks really tell a story.

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