a word a week photo challenge: flower

Garlic vine is a tropical long flowering plant which produces lilac colored trumpet shaped flowers in clusters. The flowers have that pungent scent resembling garlic, hence the name. The landscaper who arranged and did my garden told me that garlic vine could repel snakes and it is good to plant them along the fence. But of course, it was just a belief and an old tale.

Click the image for a larger view.

When in full bloom, the flowers are deep lilac in color and then slowly fades away as it wilts. Thus, a cluster of flowers would be in different shades of lilac. They are very attractive and they bloom all year round. Click this link to see my 1st post about this flower last year.

To join and to know more about the A Word A Week Photograph Challenge, visit suellewellyn2011.

12 thoughts on “a word a week photo challenge: flower

    • starlight says:

      they are really very attractive because of their color.. in spite of their pungent scent, bees are constant visitors and i could see ants in the flowers too.. must be sweet!

  1. bebs1 says:

    I love this plant because we used to have them by our gate when I was a child. I want to plant one in our house in Baguio when I return but I don’t know if it will survive there. Beautiful pictures.

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