weekly photo challenge: renewal



As i was walking around my garden, i chanced upon this little white butterfly. I tried to photograph it at a distance and it didn’t even move. I positioned my camera a little closer, still it didn’t move a bit. Then i really positioned my camera much nearer, it did not move either. I actually had a series of photos of this butterfly at different distances and i’ve chosen just 2 photos.

Its tattered wings represent a testament of time. Maybe it had flown quite a distance, or had been to the worst weather, or maybe it had competed with another male specie for its chance to mate if it’s a male, or maybe it had just finished laying eggs.

I think the butterfly is nearing its day but it had done its part. Soon, new butterflies will emerge and fly, visiting all the flowers in my garden … and their life cycle continues. It is a never ending RENEWAL, such a wonder of nature.

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