travel theme: soft

My breakfast for today and one of my favorite comfort foods is soy yoghurt or soybean curd pudding but most popularly known as “taho” which is a popular street food in the Philippines. It is served hot, usually in the morning, peddled by the “magtataho” or taho vendor.

Taho is made of fresh melt-in-your-mouth soft silken tofu with brown sugar syrup and “sago pearls” which are very similar to tapioca pearls. Every mouthful is such a delight giving me so much pleasure and sweetness to start the day with.

a small cup of taho is P5.00 (about $0.12) or P10.00 (about $0.25) like the one in the photo



Nowadays, this favorite Filipino delicacy is already available at the mall with lots of flavor ranging from strawberry, chocolate, mocha, etc. But nothing beats the original flavor of taho that i grew up with.

I’m happy, i’m full, and i am ready for the day. How about you, what’s your favorite breakfast meal or comfort food?

All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast. – John Gunther

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