sunday post: surroundings

These are photos of surroundings that hubby took during their vessel’s stay in Port Mellon and Squamish Port in British Columbia Canada. All the descriptions in each photo are also written by him. He is my guest blogger for today.

mohawk creek

mohawk creek

Mowhawk creek is located in Port Mellon near the Howe Sound Pulp Mill. Actually, the creek is naturally small but the mill expanded it and water that flows here is what the mill uses and that’s the reason why the valve is visible in the photo. Eventually, it became a habitat for salmon and is now a protected area. The abundance of rainfall is high thus providing the creek with lots of fresh and pure water.

chief stawamus mountain

Remember the “Cliffhanger” movie by Sylvester Stallone? Yes, it was shot entirely on this cliff/mountain which they call ” Chief Stawamus Mountain” or simply called Stawamus Chief ..a famous Indian chief.  It is listed as the second largest granite monolith in the world and is very famous for mountain climbers during summer.

wild ducks

From the main gate of Squamish, it is still a long way walk to the town and along the road is a marsh land full of different water birds like this wild Canadian duck and other water fowls. 

driftwood 1

driftwood 2

I’ve been visiting this place since the early 90’s since this place is a regular port of call of our company’s vessels.The 2 big drift woods in the photos were already here at that time til now. Further on the bent is the marina or yacht club. Squamish is just a small cozy town before but when the Winter Olympics was held here last 2010 it became a famous tourist attraction complete with malls, new shops, etc. 

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9 thoughts on “sunday post: surroundings

  1. Judy says:

    Nice photos and great captions! I’ve always wanted to visit BC! The granite mountain is awesome! Good interpretation for the theme! Thanks for the ping back!

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