sunday post: wonderful

What could be more wonderful than tasting these yummy doughnuts from J. Co Donuts & Coffee.

Scroll down if you want me to tickle your taste buds. Warning: these donuts not only look delightfully good but taste so sinfully good too.


Alcapone – J. Co’s signature donut, white luscious Belgian chocolate covered donut with crunchy Californian toasted almonds topping

avocado dicaprio

Avocado Dicaprio – avocado cream covered donut with topped with chocolate sprinkles

berry spears

Berry Spears – jam berry frosting with cream filling and white chocolate sprinkles

blueberry more

Blueberry More – cream cheese filled donut with blueberry glaze topped with white chocolate sprinkles

crunchy crunchy

Crunchy Crunchy – creamy chocolate covered donuts with crunchy chocolate rice crispies topping

don mochino

Don Mochino – chocolate cream filled donut topped with mocha chocolate glaze

donna italiano

Donna Italiano – smooth nutty filled donut with creamy chocolate glaze with a hint of espresso

heaven berry

Heaven Berry – strawberry cream filled donut topped with strawberry glaze with white chocolate swirl


Meisisipi – rich smooth chocolate topping with crunchy chocolate sprinkles


Tiramisu – tiramisu flavored cream filled donut slightly dusted with cocoa powder

The donuts here are so soft and delectable. You can’t resist another bite, and then another, and then you will find yourself trying another flavor. They have a lot of choices and the flavors are not too sweet which makes them all pleasurable to eat.

A donut is P42.00 (about $1.00 each), a dozen is P350.00 (about $8.50 or $0.70 each), and 2 dozens for P550.00 (about $13.40 or $0.56 each). This means that it is really cheaper to buy by the dozens.

Now i’m sure you are craving for a donut now. Don’t blame me, you’ve been warned.

To know more about the weekly Sunday Post, visit Jake’s blog jakesprinters.

Have a happy weekend! 🙂

6 thoughts on “sunday post: wonderful

    • starlight says:

      haha, you’ve been warned.. yes, they sure taste so good.. i think among other brands,i like these more because these aren’t all that sweet which makes them light and you’ll end up craving for more..

    • starlight says:

      i really planned on making a food post for this photo challenge because i think that most of the entries would be all about wonderful scenes, view, places, and i feel that what could be more wonderful to me than eating my favorite treat.. thanks and i like your blog.. have a nice weekend..

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