travel theme: spooky

Yesterday, i headed out to the mall to do a little shopping. There was a long queue of children in halloween costume and adults alike at the customer service area to claim their goodie baskets for the mall trick or treat event.

Before going home, i thought of visiting the activity center to see and take photos of the christmas trees and decorations. There was a big stage set up which was used for the Trick or Treat mall program and i noticed how simply it was decorated. The stage has only a black background with the mall’s logo and some drawings of bats flying around. Anyway, i just thought of taking a photo of the stage because i think the bat drawings look funny rather than scary.

When i got home, i saved all the photos on my laptop and i was so surprised that when i opened the photo i took of the stage, it looks like this.

I didn’t know that I managed to capture the full moon and the silhouette of the tree branches at the background. Full moon, dark, silhouette of tree branches, all the characteristics of being spooky.

halloween masks

I also stopped by to take photos of these awesome halloween masks. My favorite is the witch. Which one is yours?

Happy Halloween to all! Booooo….

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19 thoughts on “travel theme: spooky

  1. danajoward says:

    Wonderful photos for the theme Spooky! I love the photo with the full moon, kind of scary looking. I am not a mask person, but the first one on the left I would say is better than the others. But I don’t like masks! Thank you for sharing and the wonderful pingback! 😉

    • starlight says:

      oh yes, it was really accidental and i was so surprised upon seeing the photo when i transferred the shots to my laptop.. anyway, i’m so glad i’ve captured it because it was very timely for the halloween post. thank you so much for the reblog and for commenting 🙂

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