weekly photo challenge: big

Blue Whale has the world’s biggest baby measuring about 3 tons and about 25 feet or 8 meters when born. An adult blue whale can weigh up to 200 tons and reach 100 meters long. Its heart is as large as a small car and a human baby can crawl through the blue whale’s main arteries. Click here for more amazing facts about blue whales.

baby blue whale

baby blue whale

baby blue whale

baby blue whale

Photos taken during a Big Blue Exhibition at the mall in partnership with the National Geographic Channel.

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6 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: big

    • starlight says:

      thank you.. it’s a good thing i took these photos.. but what i missed was taking photos of the replica of the SuperCroc about 40ft long which lived about millions of years ago.. sayang talaga! it could have been a better entry for the weekly photo challenge:big

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