what a cutie!

Introducing… the cutest mobile phone ever.. it’s a cutie.. Cutie P9 by Cherry Mobile. It is teeny-weeny, comes in beautiful colors, lightweight, functional and very cheap at P1299.00 (about $30.00). It’s a good thing that the store is also offering micro SD’s and bought the 4G on sale at P259.00 (about $6.00) which is already loaded with 200 songs. I’ve tested playing the music, attached my Cutie to my Bose speakers and the sound is great. I can’t believe that the music is just coming from a tiny cellphone. But if you want some private music tripping, the sound is not bad either on its own speaker or thru a headset.

cutie P9 by cherry mobile

cutie P9 by cherry mobile

cutie P9 by cherry mobile.. (keys used as props for size comparison)


  • 1″ colored LCD display
  • single SIM
  • dual band GSM
  • multimedia player
  • FM radio
  • 3.5 mm headset jack
  • bluetooth
  • calendar
  • calculator
  • alarm
  • SIM toolkit
  • cherry shop
  • micro SD up to 8GB

Colors are black and white. You may also choose an all-white cellphone with orange, blue or neon green outline. I’ve chosen orange because it’s one of my favorite colors.

If you’re the the text-call-music type of person, then you will definitely love the features of the Cutie. Of course, i could never go out without my Samsung Galaxy Note which i use for my social, mobile browsing and emailing. After all, it also takes excellent photos which i often use in my blog. But then, it’s another story.

(Note: this is not a sponsored link)

Update: I bought my Cutie Cherry Mobile cellphone at the Cherry Mobile outlet at the mall. I don’t think they still have this kind of model as of this time. (15July2014)


5 thoughts on “what a cutie!

  1. Tonnie Tormo says:

    Hi. I’m interested in buying your phone. Please feel free to contact me in Facebook, Tonnie Tormo. Thank You

    • elizz says:

      hi.. well my Cutie is not for sale, so sorry.. as of now cherry mobile is not releasing any model as small as the Cutie, and i hope they would as a lot has been inquiring about my Cutie even if the post is dated way back 2012.. Update: my Cutie is perfectly working up to now.

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