travel theme: foliage

Leaves form a majestic silhouette across the sky as the sun sets in. I randomly took these photos last week as i was spending my afternoon at the coffee shop. I just thought they are beautiful and relaxing as the leaves gently swayed everytime the wind blows. It was a lovely afternoon and i’m glad i captured the moment.





Hope you enjoyed my entry for this week’s travel’s theme,  by Ailsa of wheresmybackpack.

Have a great weekend!

11 thoughts on “travel theme: foliage

  1. alwaysbobswife says:

    hi, your photos are inspiring! SALAMAT for the pingback … i will learn how to make this, so i can do the same for you, because people need to see your lovely blog, hope to meet up with you someday!

    • starlight says:

      that’s sweet thank you.. during my first days of blogging, being a newbie i also don’t know how to do it but then i learned over time, wordpress suggests using the related posts at the bottom right side, i just click blogs and then they will be attached to the blog i am composing.. but then sometimes they are so few so i search WP and then add some more links of blogs that i want to add.. your blog is lovely too and inspiring.. following yours now 🙂

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