the koi and us

We had the most amazing experience last Sunday during our out of town trip to Nuvali Paseo de Santa Rosa. It is actually a commercial as well as leisure and entertainment center located south of Manila. Some of the leisure park activities are biking, hiking, boat rides, and feeding the koi. For me, feeding the koi at the man-made lagoon is absolutely the highlight of the trip. The lagoon is teeming with koi and during the feeding frenzy they are piling themselves on top of each other. It was awesome. The kids loved it and even my mother and father enjoyed it too.




feeding the koi

Then, off we go for a boat ride. Just seeing both my parents enjoying every moment of the trip made me very happy. Times like these are truly precious since this doesn’t come very often.

feeding the koi

boat ride

Lunch was at Conti’s Pastry Shop and Restaurant. Here, food is superb and the cakes and pastries are delightfully good.

Next activity … shopping! I fell in love with the terracotta floor vases and the moroccan lamps. So, i decided that i should buy them and they are now prominently displayed in my home.

floor vases are P500 (about $11.50)/set of 3 and the moroccan lamps are P300 (about $7.00)/each

The day seemed short but everybody had a good time and that made it all memorable.  Tomorrow, hubby would be leaving to work overseas again and i could only cherish the fun times.

Bon voyage to my dear hubby and have a safe trip.

4 thoughts on “the koi and us

  1. len says:

    im happy to see nanay & tatay enjoyed the out of town trip. they deserve some time to unwind. some people are saying that koi fish bring good luck… hehehe buy na tayo ng koi!
    😦 six months count down again… regards to kuya, have a safe trip.

  2. Coco O says:

    Hi Elizabeth, this koi frenzy is much more intense than what I saw in the small pool in Newport Beach, CA, but thanks for posting the link to my post ( above).

    And also, your little dog is just toooo cute!

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