weekly photo challenge: purple

purple waterfalls

purple waterfalls

This purple waterfalls is located in the alley behind a cluster of restaurants. I do find it beautiful and unique.  Had it been located at the promenade, this would surely attract more attention, fun and excitement.

10 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: purple

  1. munchow says:

    It is indeed a beautiful waterfall and I like the way you have added your own vision into the equation. Particularly the first picture is a combine work of the artist that made the fountain and you who took the photo. Your vision made some special out of it. I love the play with surfaces, colours and shades.

    • starlight says:

      thank you so much, the first thing i did was to view my photo again, you really have an eye for beautiful photographs and i never really thought that my photo is that good enough to gain such a wonderful comment from a pro like you.. next time i will surely look at a photo more creatively and deeply so i could feel it with my heart not only with my eyes.. again thank you and wishing you an awesome day..

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