Happy 7 month’s birthday Star!

In about a few days from now, my kittycat STAR will be turning 7 months old.. Playful and very sweet,  she never runs out of energy, and always wants to play with anything and everything that moves…




Here’s hubby and Star, during one of those cute moments.

Hey Daddy, can we play?

Oh these papers are fun to play with..

… and this, too!

Look dad, i’m chewing on it right now…

But i really wanna play daddy..

Dad, dad, dad, i really wanna play with you…

Um, okay, i’ll look for mom, i will ask her to play with me..

But i’m really enjoying chewing on your papers, dad..

Hey mom, can we play?

Oh, okay, you’re both busy… i might as well take a nap..

Mmm, mom’s laptop is a good place to take a nap.. play with you later.. mom.. dad..

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