money talks

At last, i finally completed collecting my own new set of Philippine peso bills. Although the new design was issued and released last 2010, there isn’t many of them in circulation. The most common bills you will find in circulation are the 20’s, 50’s, 100’s and the 200’s and its already 2012. My new 500 came from my change at the department store, and my 1000 bill, is the only new 1000 among the 5 pieces of 1000 bills that i withdrew at the ATM machine. Anyway, i’ve read that these new Philippine money were printed using the new BioGuard technology by Arjowiggins which prevents bacteria from multiplying. Now, that’s cool.

new 2010 philippine peso

old philippine peso

2000 philippine peso (photo from

Only 300,000 pieces of the 2000 Philippine peso measuring 216mmx133mm was issued by the Central Bank in 1998. Nowadays, its going to cost you around 3000-3500 pesos to purchase the 2000 peso bill.

100,000 philippine peso  (photo from

I found out that this 100,000 note can be purchased by as much as 230,000 to 280,000 pesos at the buy and sell website these days. Wow, that’s way more than the face value of the note.

The 100,000-peso centennial note, measuring 8.5″x14″, is accredited by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest legal tender note in terms of size. 1,000 pieces were issued during the celebration of the centennial of Philippine independence in 1998 – from wiki


3 thoughts on “money talks

  1. island traveler says:

    Oh, wow. That is one cool collection. More cool is the value of the rare ones. Perhaps I should start one too. Thanks for sharing you hobbies with us. Life is more fun when we are more passionate and creative of things. Have a great weekend.

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