methodical or innovative

I’ve always been a fan of cooking tv shows on lifestyle channel and i marvel on how beautiful the food is prepared and presented. When cooking, i don’t really rely heavily on the methods and list of ingredients like a “methodical” will do but i am more of the “innovative” type who likes to experiment with different ingredients and methods based on what i’ve seen or read. This came about due to some factors like availability of the ingredients as well as taking into consideration the taste preference of my kids. For example, i had to limit black pepper or completely strike it off on the list since my kids don’t like its taste.  Cooking tv shows, cookbooks and what i read on the net only serve as my inspiration.

Finding chicken thigh fillets on the fridge, i made this truly delectable dish with Cordon Bleu as my inspiration.  Again, i tweaked the recipe to come up with something that my kids will truly love.


chicken with sausage and cheese stuffing

Seeing the cheese oozing from my fried rolled up chicken thigh fillets makes me hungry. Actually, baking the chicken in butter and cream sauce can be optional. But, i love butter and cream sauce so here goes.

chicken with sausage and cheese stuffing

My butter and cream sauce is so easy to make. Just cook butter, cream, milk, buillon cube in a pan. Add some cornstarch mixture to thicken it a little bit and season it with salt and pepper.

chicken with sausage and cheese stuffing

Bake covered in foil in preheated oven and after 20-25 minutes, it’s ready to be served. Enjoy.

chicken with sausage and cheese stuffing baked in butter and cream sauce

Well, are you a methodical or innovative cook?

For me, cooking is always fun.

Be inspired and be creative.

Creativity is thinking up new things.Innovation is doing new things.

— Theodore Levitt

12 thoughts on “methodical or innovative

  1. island traveler says:

    So delicious. I grew around women who cooks like a chef…then I married one as well. Isn’t that great? But I do cook a delicious mango Thai green curry and my number one fan is my son. One taste he forgot that his mom is the queen of the kitchen. Ha, ha, ha.

    • starlight says:

      haha, as always, its always the kids who are our number 1 fans.. i do find your thai green curry with mango pretty interesting.. i would surely agree with your son that its delicious.. thanks again for dropping by. have a nice day.

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