racks restaurant

While my daughter was celebrating her birthday with her classmates in another restaurant, my son and I decided to try out the newly opened Racks Restaurant at the mall.

The interior is well-lighted, it’s clean and it has a homey touch into it because of the use of wall decors that we usually find in our homes.

racks restaurant southmall branch

racks restaurant southmall branch

racks restaurant southmall branch

The combination of wood and stone in its interior is brilliant. It made the place oozing with warmth and happiness.  The place is literally covered with lots of lighting and i love its overall brightness.

Now here comes the good part… food.

pink lemon cooler

house salad

The house salad tastes good.  I love the fruitiness taste of the dressing.  Crispy julienned apples, and the wonderful crunch of crushed pili nuts make it more appetizing.  I just find the 2 pieces of garlic bread not necessary.  I ended up not eating them at all.   Price P140.00 or about $3.30

pork ribs half rack

The pork ribs taste good but i find the meat a little bit dry.  No problem though, their home BBQ sauce will do the trick.  I’ve chosen corn and carrot and coleslaw as side dishes.  My bad, i should not have chosen coleslaw having already ordered their house salad.  Price P450.00 or about $10.60

angus beef

My son had angus beef with mashed potato and corn and carrot side dishes.  I managed to have a bite of the angus beef and the meat is tender and cooked nicely.  Price 595.00 or about $14.00


2 thoughts on “racks restaurant

  1. island traveler says:

    Guess what? Rack’s is my favorite when it comes to ribs. I made sure I ate one before I migrated to the U.S. in 2003. Beautiful,warm,cozy interiors with food I will crave for .Thanks.May be I get to taste one before I go back to Texas next week. Have a beautiful day!

    • starlight says:

      hi, thanks for your comment.. so, you’re going back to the US soon.. i’m sure it’s going to be sometime before you’ll visit motherland again. You will surely miss the hustle and bustle of the city, the beautiful spots, and of course the food. Have a safe trip.

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