postage stamps and emails

I am not an avid postage stamp collector, but I get very excited if i receive a letter with postage stamps on it instead of the usual postage meter stamp because at this day and age, postage stamps are slowly beginning to be a thing of the past.

It’s a good thing that I managed to collect some postage stamps from all over the world when hubby and I are exchanging snail mails during the times he was working overseas.  Suddenly, since the introduction of internet on all the vessels of the the company where he is working, snail mails were replaced by emails. Somehow, i still miss those times when i eagerly open the mailbox and see hubby’s mails and inspect each one of them to see which has the most colorful and prettiest postage stamp.

Now, my mailbox has been replaced by an Inbox.

Here are some of the postage stamps i’ve collected over the years:

stamps from USA

stamps from Italy

stamps from Brazil

stamps from Spain

stamps from Gibraltar

stamps from Belgium and Sweden

3 thoughts on “postage stamps and emails

    • starlight says:

      oh yes, they are lovely indeed and it’s sad to know that they are not being used that often anymore.. thanks for dropping by and thank you so much for the wonderful compliment 🙂

      • lilsterito says:

        well that’s because of the internet, isn’t it? ahhaha. and that’s why postage stamps are in rarity nowadays. but i do love them. the patterns, the uniqueness, the beauty of each of the stamps.

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