meet my little kitty.. STAR

I’ve been wanting my own kitty for the longest time.  Finally, got myself an adorable and cute little kitty and she’s named STAR.  She’s a persian cat, pure white coat, and the most distinct feature that’s unique about her is that one of her eyes is blue and the other one is yellow (copper).

Meet STAR, the new member of the family:

my kitty STAR

my kitty STAR

my kitty STAR

my kitty STAR


14 thoughts on “meet my little kitty.. STAR

    • starlight says:

      i love your blog..and clicked ‘follow’.. i also love your photos, now i must learn how to take nice photos since it’s quite difficult to take good shots if your model is a kitty who is as playful as Star.

      • nadbugs says:

        Oh yes, to all you say! I love that you’re following!! And you keep trying with the pictures. Take a million of them and you’ll find one or two in there. Or wait til they’re asleep. That was the only way I could get my first guy, for many months. Until I threw caution to the winds and started snapping like a turtle. Smiling at you!

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