30 degrees of summer heat

Summer is just around the corner. It usually begins in March but right now it already feels like summertime since the temperature is almost 30degrees and maybe that’s the reason why everyone else in the house is quiet.

30 degrees of summer heat

While i’m busy tinkering with my ipad, my son is busy watching a movie on his laptop with headphones on, my girl is upstairs on a desktop pc, another son is in the hut just outside the house where there’s a bit of cool winds blowing.

I love the quietness of my Sunday. Makes me feel relaxed, just chilling, and stressfree.  Even the doggies are taking a nap and its so peaceful.  Besides, staying still will actually reserve a bit of energy and cool down the body temp even just a bit.

johnny decided to sleep on the pebbles

sleepy kristina

It’s almost snack time. Going to make some chocolate chips pancakes for the kids.  So, how’s your Sunday like?


2 thoughts on “30 degrees of summer heat

  1. Siti Parliah Santosa says:

    Nice story and picture as well.
    I like seeing johnny sleeping on the pebbles, I must be a very hot day.
    Here in Jakarta Indonesia, the weather was hot too, yesterday morning, but in the afternoon it cooler , it was raining.

    • starlight says:

      Thank you for liking my post. Oh yes, johnny prefers sleeping on the pebbles, he has his own ways to beat up the summer heat. Thanks also for dropping by. Have a nice day!

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