gourmet tuyo

Product of the day:  MOM’S GOURMET TUYO

“Tuyo” literally means dried and it actually refers to salted dried fish.  Here in my country, it is considered as a delicacy or the poor man’s version of the ham or the bacon. However, nowadays, tuyo has been repackaged, it is flaked, deboned, seasoned with garlic, chili, vinegar and extra virgin olive oil, bottled in its goodness and thus became the gourmet tuyo.

gourmet tuyo

gourmet tuyo

gourmet tuyo

gourmet tuyo

gourmet tuyo

Product Review:

I love the taste, it has the right saltiness, not too spicy and most of all it is de-boned. It is good as an appetizer or as a side dish for steamed or grilled vegetables like tomatoes, eggplants and okras. It may also be served over pasta.  But my favourite of them all is i love it as a topping on freshly cooked steamed rice or fried rice. With Mom’s Gourmet Tuyo, i could really forget about dieting  and instead i just eat this with delight on a mound of fluffy hot rice. Ooh, that’s my own definition of comfort food.


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