emperor’s snack

While at the mall this afternoon, i chanced upon a small kiosk selling organic and healthy food like snacks, herbal tea and balms.

Here’s my mall find for today – EMPEROR’S SNACK.

emperor's snack

emperor's snack

emperor's snack

It is composed of an assortment of nuts and berries like goji berry, almonds, green peas, raisins, green beans, watermelon seeds, and pumpkin seeds.

As stated in the label, here are its health benefits:

  • goji berry – antioxidants, king of all berries
  • almonds – vitamin E, vitamin B6, iron, calcium
  • green peas – vitamin C, iron, vitamin B6
  • raisins – calcium, iron, potassium
  • green beans – fiber, iron, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin A
  • watermelon seeds – protein, vitamin B, magnesium
  • pumpkin seeds – vitamin E, manganese

emperor's snack

emperor's snack

My product review:

I’ve always been a “nuts” person.  I love almonds, macadamias, cashew, peanuts, just about every nuts.  I must admit though that this pack of 100 grams which costs about $2.75, i really did find expensive but munching on them right now, i am quite pleased with the taste since it is not salty and the raisins provided the overall natural sweetness.


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