a silent witness to a lot of memories

Coffee or any of my favourite beverage from Starbucks is one of my most photographed items.  It is a witness to so many memories that i have accumulated over the years.  Here are some of these photos which i just randomly selected.

starbucks tagaytay summit ridge

Above photo was taken last December 2011, or a day before my hubby left for abroad.  It was at Starbucks Tagaytay Summit Ridge.  My husband makes it a point to spend some bonding moments with us since he would be away for quite sometime to work overseas.  I remembered how foggy and windy it was during that time.  I also felt so sick inside, well not literally sick but just the thought that i wouldn’t be seeing my husband for a long time makes me feel like i would be.  It was his warm hands holding me that made me feel better.

starbucks rockwell

My husband and I quietly celebrated our 10th year Anniversary dining in one of the restaurants at Rockwell and continued our bonding moments at Starbucks Rockwell Branch.  Above photo was taken last April 2010.  I remembered how we laughed on so many funny and wonderful memories we’ve shared as a couple.  He shared so many stories with me about his travel and we really had fun.  We were so happy.

starbucks tagaytay overlooking taal lake

Starbucks Tagaytay got to be my favourite branch.  The weather is awesome, the view is a sight to behold since it is overlooking Taal Lake where you could see the famous Taal Volcano.  Above photo was taken last November 2008 during my birthday.  Nothing is more precious than being with a loved one, warmed by his embrace on that cool and windy day.

My cup of coffee, it holds a thousand and more of memories.

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