my 21-year old Jose V. Blanco plate

jose v. blanco plate

jose v. blanco plate

jose v. blanco plate

Here’s the caption at the bottom of the plate:

A Special Edition for Philippine Airlines on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary March 15, 1991

Jose V. Blanco, the indisputable master of Philippine genre painting, created a canopy of ideas that truly represents the Philippines:  the dove represents PAL’s flights that bring these seven thousand islands of diversified customs and traditions into one force;  the masks on the left set the joyous festival, the playful moods of the Visayan people;  the rice terraces at the top encompass the deep-rooted tradition of Luzon anchored on hard work, a distinct trait of the Filipino people;  the brassware Sarimanok is the deep South with its rich regions and rituals;  the main focal point of the whole composition is the Mother and Child figure, the Mother is cast in half-light of the early morning, giving the young Child the main thrust of the whole painting, the Child personifies the Philippines as a young Nation in its struggle for growth and development.

jose v. blanco plate


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