It is our custom to throw a despedida party for a member of the family who is leaving to go anywhere real far for good or for a long period of time.  So, a day before my sister would be leaving for Dubai, we set up a family dinner in one of the famous restaurants in the metro.  We had fun, lots of laughter, and of course food… lots of savory, delectable and mouth-watering food.  I took photos of them before anyone could ever hold their hands on them.  Here they are, the photos of what the family shared that evening.

cold cuts combination

Cold cuts combination is a platter of hainan chicken, seaweeds, century eggs, deep fried pork belly slices, and ham.  Everything looks good and tastes good.

taro puffs

If i guessed it right, taro puffs has minced meat combined with the sweetness of taro deep fried to perfection to give it that lovely crunch on the outside but soft and wonderful on the inside.

mashed wintermelon soup

The mashed wintermelon soup resembles crab meat soup.  Wintermelon is known locally as kundol.  And yes, the soup tastes so good.

steamed fish fillet with garlic

I love the steamed fish fillet.  The flavor of the garlic is infused nicely and the melt-in-your-mouth softness of the fish is heavenly.

salad seafood roll

The crunch of the finely diced turnips combined with the sweetness of crab meat wrapped generously and fried is pretty interesting and good.

steamed crabs

Ooh la la, steamed crabs are so sweet.  Everyone laid their hands on the crabs and we had fun cracking those crab legs.

wrapped duck with hoisin sauce

Included in our set menu is one whole Peking Duck with its skin roasted perfectly brown.  It was served two ways.  First, the duck was sliced and wrapped in pancake wrapper in bite size pieces with hoisin sauce.  Oh my, this dish is perfect.  I’m not a lover of duck but this dish tastes so good.

deep fried duck

The second way our duck was served is deep fried.  This really got into me and in fact got to be my favorite.  The taste is so perfect for me, it is a little sweet, a little spicy, a little crunchy.  Wow, i could nibble this all day long.  But there is one thing that i really missed.  I wasn’t able to take photo of the whole peking duck before it was carved and the rest deep fried.

Also included in our set menu is steamed chicken with abalone and black mushroom in lotus leaf.  Well, i took a photo of it but the quality of the photo is not good so it’s not included in these set of photos.

mango sago

For dessert, we had the mango sago.  The sweetness and the tartness complements the sago.  It was served in a little soup bowl and how  i laughed when i blow some air on my spoon thinking it was hot but of course it’s really cold.

Everbody had fun and we are all full with all the food.  The despedida party was a success. VON VOYAGE MY DARLING SISTER.  Til Christmas time and we will all be sharing food and family bonding moments again.

Thank you GLORIAMARIS for the great and delicious food.


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