happy new year!

I promised my hubby (who is sea-based) that i would be posting the photos of the food that we shared during the new year celebration.  So, here they are, our simple new year feast.

fresh fruit platter that i made consisting of dragon fruits, pears and apples

macaroni salad prepared by my sister

beef kare-kare, a specialty of my sister-in-law

chicken roasted in turbo broiler prepared by my mother

oven baked baby back ribs, my own specialty and the kids' favorite

sausages grilled perfectly on hot charcoal

grilled pork belly that i just seasoned simply with salt

my perfect dipping sauce for grilled pork and fish (see my previous blog entry)

grilled fresh tilapia, my brother's favorite.

novellino wine

Adding to the excitement of everyone, meet Jack, the two month old puppy who is the new member of the family.  He is so cute and adorable.  Who could resist this little face of cuteness overload..  He provided us with his own ways to entertain us.  I guess we all fell in love with Jack.  If you could only see how his teeny-weeny tail wag.. so cute.

jack, new member of the family

I became more excited when i received this souvenir Burj-Dubai paper weight as a gift from my sister who arrived home just to spend the holidays with us.  She never fails to give us nice little gifts from Dubai.

paper weight

Everyone really had fun.  I had fun too even if i missed my hubby so much.

Welcome 2012!


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