happy holidays to all

We had an amazing Christmas celebration last December 25, 2011.  We had lots of food and goodies and the kids had fun.  Although my hubby had to leave before Christmas to work abroad, we made this day as exciting as possible and i’m sure he would have wanted us to be happy even if we’re celebrating it miles apart from each other.

oven-baked baby back ribs - a favorite dish by everyone

My oven-baked baby back ribs is always a favorite.  It’s often the most requested dish by everyone.  I marinated the ribs a day before.  I made use of the hickory flavored marinade combined with the regular bbq flavored marinade.  It gave the most delightful and smoky flavored ribs.  Yum!

my very own style of lasagna

I made 2 medium containers of lasagna.  I made used of oven ready lasagna sheets and it turned out to be just as great.

almond cupcakes for the kids

For my cupcakes, i ground up roasted almonds and added it to my batter.  I would have wanted to make a marshmallow icing to complement the cupcakes but i ran out of time, will surely be doing it the next time.  My almonds are courtesy of my sister who always make it a point to gift me with nuts everytime she comes home from Dubai.  She also gave me walnuts and that i would use in my next cupcake baking.

goodies i received from my brother who arrived from switzerland

These goodies are from my brother who arrived from Switzerland.  He always give me swiss chocolates as well as those lovely sugar cubes.  I know these are all available locally but nothing beats gifts from a loved one who comes home from abroad.

an animal print Mango clutch bag from my sister

I adore the snake-skin Mango clutch given to me by my sister.  I could use it as my make-up organizer.

an H&M tops from my sister

This H&M tops fits me so well.  I love the print and its texture is so smooth on my skin.  I’m planning to wear it on our new year celebration.

a Roxy tops from my sister

The Roxy tops has that cute butterfly design on front.   Its very much wearable and i would love to wear it on my next trip to the mall.  Oh, it was also a gift from my sister.

a silver bracelet from my sister-in-law

I adore the heart design of those tiny trinkets adorning this silver bracelet.  In fact, i’ve already worn it last Christmas.

My wish for the world… LOVE, PEACE AND HAPPINESS.

My wish for my family… LOVE, GOOD HEALTH AND HAPPINESS…

My little prayer is … “THANK YOU FOR ALL THE BLESSINGS”

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