hot pot

hot pot

Here’s my own version of SEAFOOD HOT POT.  Cooking this dish is a breeze.  What i love about it is that the ingredients are so versatile.  Shrimps, shrimp balls, fish cakes, squid balls, etc. are readily available at the grocery.  To flavor my broth, i just use the instant soup base by LeeKumKee.  Since i have some thinly sliced pork belly in the freezer, i added a few for extra flavor and texture.   Udon noodles are found at the japanese goods section of the supermarket.

Hot pot is quite easy to prepare.   As soon as the flavored broth is boiling, add all the ingredients together.  Let it boil and simmer for a while and serve hot.


  • udon noodles
  • pork bone or seafood soup base
  • any seafood (shrimp, squid, shellfish, etc. )
  • shrimp balls, squid balls, fish cake, lobster balls, etc.  (again, there are a lot of these balls available at the freezer section of the supermarket)
  • carrots, sliced onions, asparagus, mushroom, leafy greens (like cabbage, bok choy, etc)
  • thinly sliced pork belly (optional)
  • salt (to taste)

There are so many variations in preparing this dish.  I hope you’ll try cooking this with your own choice of ingredients.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to picking out your own set of ingredients.  Happy cooking!

udon noodles

soup base


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