a day in the life of a cat

Meet Boots, he’s an 8-month old persian kitty.  He’s very playful when in the mood.  He could play with a crumpled piece of paper for hours.

boots and kristina, the best of friends, they are so adorable.

I love playing with Boots.  He’s so charming and likes to roll-over.

boots in a playful mood, what a cute face

Gotcha!  sneaking up and eating your catfood on the table.  He couldn’t wait for me to fill it up.

boots couldn't wait for his food to be served

I often see him bird watching.

boots, bird watching

His favorite spot is on top of the stairs.  I always see him watching us, too.

boots at the top of the stairs, his favorite place.

At the end of the day, you will find him sleeping soundly on my bed.  Ahh, what a day in the life of a cat.

boots sleeping soundly on my bed..

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