sunday feast

Sundays are usually reserved as family days.  For today, instead of eating out we decided to prepare our own Sunday Feast.  Our menu consisted of steamed crabs, mussels soup, seaweed salad, grilled pork liempo, and fresh oysters.

live crabs

If not for that string on its claws, for sure it would be running around on my countertop.  Anyway, after a few minutes of steaming, here they are… nicely cooked.

steamed crabs

I transformed fresh mussels into the most delectable mussels soup.  I just saute sliced ginger, sliced garlic, and sliced onions, add some water, salt to taste, put in the mussels and just let it simmer for a while.


mussels soup

Squeeze lemon or add a few drops of tabasco on oysters, oh lala, taste heavenly.



Seaweed (Lato) Salad.  Just wash the “lato” thoroughly and drain well.  For the dresssing, dice tomatoes and onions and add vinegar.  I used red cane vinegar because it has a slight sweetness into it.  Just a tip:  dressing should be added when it is time to eat the salad, otherwise if done earlier, seaweeds will become mushy due to the acidity of the vinegar.

seaweed salad

For the sliced pork belly, i just seasoned it simply with salt.  Grill until done and tender.  For the dipping sauce, dice onions, crush a few cloves of garlic, a dash of salt and pepper, add vinegar and soy sauce.  Again, for a better tasting dipping sauce, i used red cane vinegar.

grilled pork belly

dipping sauce

And after everything else had been done and prepared, here’s our SUNDAY FEAST.  Cheers for the good times with the family, exchanging stories, having fun and happily stuffing ourselves with the most delicious home cooked meal.  I love Sundays.  Nothing is more precious than having quality time with loved ones.

sunday feast


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