works of art

My son is celebrating his birthday every 9/11.  He’s now 18 years old.  Ah, how time flies so quickly and before i knew it, the baby i’m holding and cuddling then is now bigger than me and turning into a man and very good looking.

Last night i remembered all the drawings he usually give me.  He has that habit of making drawings and he never throws it away, he puts a dedication on it (to:  mama) and gives them all to me.  And everytime he does that i keep them all in a clear book and up to now its still waiting to be made into a scrapbook.

The following drawings were made when he was just about 6 years old and that’s around 12 years ago.  Here are his works of art and my priceless possessions.

jade's drawing

jade's drawing

jade's drawing

The jets and planes that he used to draw then as a little and innocent boy are now the subject of his studies.  He’s in college and taking up Aerospace Engineering.  Every month they need to go to their Aviation School, spend 3days/2nights for a run-up and taxiing course.  Now his drawings are really making sense after all.

Happy Birthday to my dear son.  Lots of love.

9 thoughts on “works of art

  1. Len says:

    The sweetness of the kids in their own little ways will always be a treasure in the parent’s hearts….
    True, time flies so quickly. Jade’s transformation from “tisoy” to “egoy”, a small kid to a big man now, good looking man…. Happy birthday Jade, study hard and may all your dreams come true.

  2. My Tropical Home says:

    Awwww….I now have several boxes and folders full of my children’s drawings. I compare them even from year to year. Isn’t it amazing how time quickly flies…and yours is about to leave his teen years….

    • elizz says:

      so true mary, time indeed flies so quickly.. and it’s a good thing that i kept some of my children’s drawings when they were just kids.. i even keep their old id’s in school.. lucky you, you managed to keep lots of boxes of your kids’ drawings.. some of my children’s drawings got lost when we moved into our new home since we used to stay in my mom’s place before.. well, maybe my mother had kept some of them.

      • My Tropical Home says:

        Even if she didn’t you still have some left and that should be okay. It’s part of being a mother I guess, treasuring these early memories.

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