oven-baked BBQ back ribs

I have always been the type of a person who cooks without any preparation at all.  What i usually do is i just buy a variety of meat, fish, and vegetables in the grocery when i do my weekly shopping then by the time i want to cook i just pick out the ingredients in the fridge.  The type of menu will always depend on what ingredients i have at the moment.

Most often during lunch or dinner, the kids would ask me the name of my recipe and when i say i don’t know, they would have a strange look on their faces.  But even then, its a great pleasure and joy upon hearing them commenting how delicious and delightful my creations are.

When i cook a meal, i would base it on food shows that i see on tv, from what i read and from what i see and eat when dining out.  So, i usually get inspirations from them.

One of my specialties is bbq back ribs or shall i say oven-baked ribs.   Instead of grilling it in charcoal, i cooked it in the oven instead.  For full flavor, i marinated it overnight with bbq sauce and making use of the meat injector so the marinade will really penetrate deep inside the meat.  For the recipe, it’s so easy, nothing fancy and extraordinary.  It’s just a matter of picking out the best brand of bbq marinade at the grocery, make some diagonal shallow or slight slices on the meat, pour out the bbq marinade fully covering the slab , use the meat injector (if you wish) for more flavor to the meat, leave it overnight and the next day, pop it in the oven.  That’s it.

Here’s a photo of my creation.

bbq back ribs

The kids couldn’t wait.  After slicing them in individual ribs, they are gone in a flash.  Everytime my son’s classmates come here at home, it’s always been their favorite .  Just some time later, this is how it looks.

the boys loved it, and this is all what's left


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