the exotic Dragon Fruit

Have you ever heard about or seen a dragon fruit?  I’ve come to taste this fruit about 3 years ago.  It used to be so rare finding it at the grocery.  When i first saw it, even if it was so expensive way back then, i decided to buy some just to be able to experience tasting it.  The flesh of this fruit comes in two types, the white one and the red one or more like a deep fushia in color.  The flesh is sweet, succulent, resembling pear but softer and with lots and lots of tiny black seeds.   There is also the yellow skin variety but i still have yet to see one.  What is usually available at the grocery are those with pink skin (see photo).  Nowadays, it sells for about P162 (around $3.80) per kilo about 2 medium size ones.

I am actually snacking on this right now and here’s how it looks.

dragon fruit

dragon fruit

Browsing on the internet, i found out that it has lots of vital nutrients which is suitable for all types of diets.   Furthermore, when eaten on a regular basis, it naturally reduces the weight considerably.  For more information about this wonderful exotic fruit, visit ALL ABOUT DRAGON FRUIT.

7 thoughts on “the exotic Dragon Fruit

  1. whatsaysyou says:

    Dragonfruit is not just delicious or full of vitamins, but also it helps to keep constipation at bay. I kid you not because I have a kid cousin who had a bad case of constipation a few years ago where bananas can’t help him out. Somehow, my aunt (his mom) decided to try with the dragonfruit and it works.

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