Blissful Moment

looking out the window
i see droplets of rain
like tears
gentle rays of sunshine
forces its way
a blissful moment



Above photo was taken outside of a restaurant. I love the effect of flowing water on the glass. It resulted to a blurry photo but it turned out to be a nice work of art.

We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon instead of enjoying the roses blooming outside our windows today. – Dale Carnegie


Star (3 months old) looking out the window

While i was busy looking at my flowers outside the window, Star was busy watching birds instead. For an indoor cat, windows are their connection to the outside world.

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travel theme: merchandise

For this week’s travel theme, i would be sharing with you photos of unusual and exotic merchandise.

Mango Ketchup. When you say ketchup or catsup or whatever way it’s called, you think of it as colored red because it is made from tomatoes. But here in my country, we also have the banana ketchup and recently i came across this mango ketchup in one of the supermarkets out of town. That’s right, it’s mango ketchup. These are made in Guimaras Philippines. Guimaras mangoes are known as the best and the sweetest mangoes in the world.


mango ketchup

Purple Corn. I’ve only seen and tasted the yellow or the sweet corn variety and the white corn which i absolutely love. But purple corn? Wiki says that “purple corn is native to the Andes region in South America and is used to make chicha morada (a beverage) and mazamorra (pudding)”. These 2 pieces of purple corn costs almost P51.00 or about $1.20. Expensive isn’t it?


purple corn

Crispy Fried Salmon Skin Chips. I took this photo of salmon skin chips in a store selling all kinds of nuts and native delicacies like chicharon, chicken skin chips, spicy dried crispy anchovies, etc. Salmon is an imported fish and 100 grams of these sells for almost P100 or about $2.30 which is kind of expensive.


crispy salmon skin

Durian. My own experience the first time i’ve eaten durian was pleasantly satisfying. The flesh is smooth and soft, custardly like and sweet. I really don’t mind its scent but i’ve eaten it by hand with plastic gloves on. Wiki described its scent “as pleasantly sweet fragrance but others find the aroma overpowering and revolting. The smell evokes reactions from deep appreciation to intense disgust and has been described variously as rotten onion, turpentine and raw sewage.” 



Croc Meat. Yes, these are croc’s meat. I was so surprised finding them at the frozen section of the supermarket. It was the first time i’ve seen these so i took some photos. Croc’s meat available are croc australian cheese sausage, croc hungarian sausage, croc ribs, croc tapas, croc burger and a lot more. I searched the net for some information with regard to the brand and yes i found it. What is more surprising is that these products came from a local farm located out of town. At first i thought they were imported. Oh by the way, they also offer the Lechon Buwaya (Roasted Crocodile). It is cooked like the traditional roasted whole pig. They say that croc meat is low in fat, low in calories but high in protein. Do you want to see a photo of one whole roasted croc? Here’s the link and photo.


croc meat

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My youngest is into biking for recreation. Every weekend their adventure usually takes them out of town. The most favorite segment of the bike trip is enjoying the view and eating good food as they watch the scenery during pit stops. No bike racks for parking?  … no problem.

bike rack

bike rack

While the youngest human is into biking, the furbabies have a different activity in mind… box squabble and they are absolutely having fun.


Star and Tiger


Star and Tiger

So, who do you think had the best and the most fun adventure?

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Hi everyone.. kittycat Star here. I know it’s already Saturday and mum was late in posting my cat purrday friday post. She has been busy but i promise you it was for a good cause.



You see, mum has been feeding 5 sometimes 6 neighborhood kitties. Oh yes they have names. They are Big Mama (gingercat), Big Boy (orange and white male cat), Linggit (mostly white with orange tail male cat), Trico (calico female cat), Potty (ginger male cat) and Junior (white with black ears and tail male cat). Potty is one of the kitties dumped in the vacant lot and Junior is an on-off visitor during feeding time. No, i don’t get jealous if i see mum feeding other cats. She says she couldn’t stand hungry kitties. You know i think mum has a cat magnet. All the kitties that she feeds outside are aloof and frightened but except for mum. She could touch them and pet them and they even comes over when mum is calling their names. I think they all trusted mum because they all know that she is the lady with the food. 

Now the good news. The other day, mum brought Trico at the vet and she has been spayed. Yey!

Trico,  is a calico or a tricolored cat and is the 3rd generation of kitties of Big Mama. When mum found out she’s on heat, she immediately planned on having her spayed. Here’s a photo of Trico when she arrived home from the vet. Mum kept her overnight before she was let out of the cat carrier. Right now, i think Trico is doing fine, she’s eating well and the spaying stitch is looking good.



While me and mum is busy doing this post i saw my sibling Tiger asleep on the kitty bed at the cat condo. He really loves to take naps. 



My boyfriend Boots is on the floor and begging for mum’s attention so he rolls over like crazy. I just love it when he does that, he looks gorgeous and cute with those big eyes.



That’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend kitties. Til next Friday for my next cat purrday post. See y’all.

Sweet hugs and purr,
kittycat Star


The other night while i was busy reading blogs, my kittycat Star was in a hyper mode. She was running crazily, chasing i-don’t-know-what-it-is up to the point that she even ran on top of me while i was in bed seated in front of my laptop. So, i decided to search a video on You Tube that she could watch to make her sit still. I found a video of birds feeding happily and noisily at a bird feeder.


Star, watching birds on my laptop

Success! She is finally settled and i kept her entertained. Well that’s how TECHNOLOGY works for me and Star.

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Star: What do you mean it’s the new menu? No tuna? No salmon? No chicken? Those are just for dogs not cats!


(no offense to my doggies… you love chewing on my slippers when you were pups, right?.)

The real story behind the above photos: I took a photo of Star just at that moment as she was about to yawn. And the other photo was a store window display. I thought they did a nice job in catching the eyes of mall goers. They showcased their new released items as New Menu served on colorful platters and i find it rather unique and original.

travel theme: edge

Living a busy life. we experience being worried, get tensed and be anxious. Sometimes we tend to be living on EDGE… being distraught or deeply upset over some things that did not turn out right according to plans. Some of these are inevitable. But… a good and simple relaxation may do wonders. I need not go to a luxurious and expensive spa to get relaxed. I have my own easy ways to feel better.

  • taking deep breaths –  i close my eyes and do deep breaths slowly in or out. Believe me, this works.
  • finding something to distract myself – i sit down on the sofa, turn on tv and watch my favorite Lifestyle tv programs.
  • stroking my kitty’s coat – this really works because as i hear my cat purr it also gives me that certain contentment and happiness. It has been proven that animals really do have calming effects and they help us fight depression, loneliness and anxiety.
  • getting my camera and taking photos – i need not go far, i just visit my garden and take lots of photos of flowers in bloom. This really soothes my nerves.

I took these photos this morning. Almost all my cattleya orchids are now flowering. I love the shiny drops of rain hanging on the delicate and curly EDGE of the petals. I feel good by just looking at them.


cattleya orchid


cattleya orchid

Some may have their own ways of battling stress and it sure would help a lot if you find time to “stop and smell the roses”.

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